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Let J&M Strategic Consulting Help You Maximize Efficiencies of Time, Money and Productivity.

Do all your workers have easy access to the data they need? Are your current technologies slowing down processes or draining capital expenditures that could be used elsewhere for greater efficiencies?

We live in a technological world that is always advancing and always improving business performance. But when is it operationally necessary and economically feasible to update or add new technologies? Just because a technology advances doesn’t mean it will help you become more efficient or reach your goals faster.

J&M Strategic Consulting measures all the costs associated with upgrading a technology against how much savings can be realized to help you choose what needs to be upgraded now, and what can wait until later. Then, we can direct you to the latest advances available.

Understand Current Technolgy
Plan Implementation
Maximize Efficiencies of Time, Money and Productivity
Current Technology

Current Technology

When J&M Strategic Consulting analyzes your current technologies, we’re considering three factors:

  • Time. Is this technology saving time? Would upgrading save more time? Is this the right time to update?
  • Money. Is this technology worth the expense? Ultimately, will upgrading save money? What are the true costs of the technology?
  • Productivity. How does this technology impact our people and their ability to do their jobs effectively? Would upgrading this technology improve productivity?
Improve IT Strategy

Improve Technology

Once we distinguish the technologies that are working from those that need upgrading, our time, money and productivity considerations transform. In this phase, we’re looking at how the business and its systems will be impacted by improving technologies. In terms of our strategic GPS, we want to understand and plan for where this improved technology will take the company.

And just as individuals need time to adjust to changes in life, businesses also need time to adjust to updated or new technologies. Often, the success in implementing new tools is dependent on how those tools are introduced to people and processes. Determining the best route to take in implementation can help the process run smoothly.

Improve Technology
Implement Technology Strategy


With all the considerations and planning completed, it’s time to hit the “Start” button on your GPS and begin your journey.

At J&M Strategic Consulting, driving updates to existing technologies and leading implementations of new technologies are our core strengths and a big reason why companies choose us to implement their IT strategies. For implementation, as it is with all our services, our attention to detail and planning ensures a smooth journey to achieving your business goals.