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A Solid IT strategy
People: Employee Engagement, Communications & Relationships


Your Employee Engagement, Communications & Relationships Make Your IT Strategies Work.

IT strategies are most successful when the right people are in the right positions, the relationships work and there is positive employee engagement. That’s when processes are easily refined, technologies are updated more efficiently and business goals are achieved sooner. The challenge for leadership is to harness the human potential in their employees, illuminate the destination – the business goals – of the company and then help your people realize their potential for success.

The steps J&M follows are basically the same as those followed for technology and processes.

Understanding Your Organization
Implement Changes
Strategic Consultants look at employee relationships

Understand Relationships

In general, CEOs, CIOs and management tend to take macro views of their business relationships within their organization. Our job as strategic consultants is to go deeper and look at the individual relationships your employees have with each other to further the business. One of the important factors that determine whether those contributions will be significant to achieving business goals is employee engagement.

  • Do you have the right skill sets in the right roles?
  • What are you doing for employee development?
  • Do you have individual development paths for your employees?
  • Do your employees know how they are being evaluated?
  • What are you doing to develop your managers?
Understand Relationships
Improve Orgainzational Communication
Improve Communication

Improve Communication

A plan for improving organizational communication is an important component of any strong IT strategy. J&M Strategic Consultants will propose ways to promote positive interactions among your people and, where indicated, propose changes in personnel and positions.

Placing your employees in the right positions

Implement Changes

Changes regarding your people include giving them more training in their positions, training them to move on to other positions within the company and encouraging them to communicate with other teams within the company. What’s important to remember through this implementation process is that it involves people, all of who have feelings, egos, fears, expectations, strengths and weaknesses. Just as we know that business thrives on relationships, business also thrives when there is a sense of humanity at every level of the company.

Implement Changes