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J&M Strategic Consulting

About J&M Strategic Consulting

“We don’t do templates”

– Jen Dodge

J&M Strategic Consulting is the team that companies call for customized, long-term strategic IT solutions that achieve well-defined business goals.

Why J&M Strategic Consulting? First, they don’t merely give their clients what they want, but what their clients truly, honestly need. And second, their IT strategies work.

J&M Strategic Consulting has the IT tools, experience and focus that businesses need for:

  • IT Assessments
  • Streamline Processes
  • IT Methodology
  • IT Implementation
  • Proactive Strategies

They don’t use templates. They don’t offer ‘one-size-fits-all’ solutions. What they do is transform a company’s vision into the people, processes and technology to make that vision a reality.

Jen Dodge, Mike Dodge and Natalie Miller
Jen Dodge: Strategic consulting professional and business owner
Jen Dodge

Jen Dodge

Jen Dodge was already a successful strategic consulting professional and business owner when she started J&M Strategic Consulting. She had the mindset and the skill set to act proactively weeks, often months ahead on everything. Including her family. “When one of your new goals is to get your kids to all their hockey practices, attend most of their games and be able to afford the high cost of ice time, being proactive is everything,” says Jen Dodge about one of her consulting principles.

“Organization and planning,” she continues, “is what keeps you in a proactive mode so you avoid being reactive; constantly putting out fires, not moving forward and not achieving goals,” Jen explains. “With my sons’ hockey, I did everything I do for my clients. I prioritized, developed processes and created a strategy strong enough to last, but flexible enough to allow for continuous improvement.”

Today, Jen’s younger son, Matt Miller, attends Ohio State University and is playing hockey for the Buckeyes. Her older son, JT Miller, plays with the NHL New York Rangers. Their continued successes are a constant reminder to Jen of the wonderful things that can happen with a solid strategy.

Mike Dodge

Mike Dodge

“Being able to listen to what the business is requesting while also listening for what they really need separates J&M Strategic Consulting from most other strategic IT consultants,” said Mike Dodge, a 20-year IT pro specializing in people, processes and technology.

That higher level of perception comes from working closely with business partners in Logistics, Finance, Sales, Marketing, and HR for many years; planning and implementing everything from quarterly releases to full-blown SAP implementations. “What my experience has taught me is that there is too often a priorities gap between the business and its IT department,” Mike explains. “So one of my goals with every client is to align priorities so that IT is contributing as fully as possible to achieve business goals.”

“When I see my clients succeed because of their commitment to staying on the IT strategy path we’ve laid out for them, I get excited,” Mike admits. “I’m a realist. So for me, it’s extremely rewarding to work with a group to develop an IT strategy. It’s also gratifying to plan the implementation of the strategy and then see the business benefit from staying on the right path.”

Natalie Miller

Natalie Miller

Natalie Miller is our Director of Recruiting. Although she has enjoyed many roles at J&M, it took a mere two weeks in the recruiting space before she knew she’d found the perfect fit. “My favorite part of recruiting? The different relationships I get to cultivate,” says Natalie. Managing different roles and working with unique candidates is what Natalie loves most about her job.

“Natalie takes great pride in being the best at what she does,” says Jen. “She works very hard at vetting out potential candidates for our clients in order to make sure they will meet not only their needs, but also be a good fit for their culture.”

“The way I operate I learned from my father. He’s a straight shooter and there’s no wasting time,” Natalie beams. “My dad showed me, by example, what people skills are all about. You have to be understanding, respectful and always open to learning,” she says. “And you have to really listen.”

Cheryl Wilson

Cheryl Wilson

When Cheryl Wilson first encountered J&M Strategic Consulting, she was inspired by their “amazing ability to communicate with people from every single department, no matter where they were in the organization, and bring all of those things together to make something successful.” After 28 years of managing business and accounting, process improvement, system implementation, and leading teams in the construction industry, Cheryl was excited to join J&M as a Strategic Consultant.

Building teams and helping individuals realize their potential is when Cheryl feels most energized. “You can literally feel and see walls coming down.” She believes “being open to and considering all ideas is critical, no matter how crazy they might seem at first.” “When cross functional teams talk about how they impact one another,” says Cheryl, “you really start to dial in on effective and efficient processes that benefit the organization.”

Cheryl’s approach to her work has been enriched by her passion for world travel and immersing herself in different cultures. “I have the ability to put myself into an organization and very quickly assess the ‘culture’ of the group and figure out where things need to go,” she says.

Linda Vance

Linda Vance

Linda brings several years of sales experience and has worked closely with J&M on recent marketing campaigns. “I’m extremely excited about Linda joining our company. She brings energy, hard work, and excellence to the table every day. She is a role model for all of our employees as she is the epitome of J&M’s Vision & Values,” according to Jen Dodge who has known Linda for 13 years.

Outside of work, Linda enjoys spending time with her family including husband Ken, son Frank, step children Brian and Jen, and grand-daughter Ava. She is a lifelong Pittsburgh resident, avid Steelers fan who also follows the Penguins and New York Rangers. When Linda has time, she also enjoys reading and baking.

Terry Langholdt

Terry Langholdt

Terry believes that information technology should be a compliment to your business, not a hurdle. Terry brings 30 years of experience in the IT field. He has seen many generations of programming and systems that comprise the majority of today’s landscape and has a unique point of view in being able to see the value of each stage of adoption.

“Big IT is for all companies, not just for large corporations. It should be a service that is available and valuable for each business, no matter what the size.” Terry’s skills have grown and changed throughout his career, beginning with programming, systems and network administration, spending the last 15 years in Management for a major CPG company.

Being able to speak both business and IT is an essential skill in today’s market place. Knowing how to leverage systems integration to support business objectives is a market differentiator. Terry sees that having a depth of experience managing people, processes, and technology provides the tools for success.

J&M Values and Vision are what makes this firm stand out from the sea of consultants out there. Our commitment to those core ideals is our foundation. According to Jen Dodge, “Terry exemplifies our company’s core values of teamwork and excellence in his personal and work life.”

Peggy Langholdt

Koby Uhrig

Koby has over two years of professional experience in managing social networks, and is pursuing a communications degree at Bowling Green State University. He provides our team with the necessary knowledge and experience to enhance J&M’s reach across all social media platforms. Koby joined the social media team of BGSU Hockey in January 2016, introducing fresh personality and content to the page along with live tweeting Falcon hockey games. Since joining, the page has increased followers by about 18%, and is expected to surpass 7,000 followers this season.

Away from J&M, Koby works gameday operations for both the National Football League and the Pittsburgh Pirates. As a Television Timeout Coordinator for the NFL in Pittsburgh, he communicates on the field with league and game officials on the timing and execution of media timeouts. For the Pirates, he works home games as a 50/50 vendor in their gameday operations department.

At J&M, we are committed to our vision and values that set us apart from other consulting firms. Koby will enhance our online presence and allow us to build a strong network via his passion and determination to be great. His ability to balance multiple projects and schedules at once show his commitment to success and we are honored to have him on our team.

Tracie Hephner

Tracie Hephner

Tracie has over twenty years of experience in IT and has worked as a project manager for almost four years. She has focused in implementations and has been a key member of IT support teams on major financial projects in the past.

With J&M, Tracie will be a project manager to ensure that our clients are headed down the right path in order to exceed their goals. She will assess client needs to create and implement a custom IT strategy that aligns the people, process, and technology by which our clients will succeed.

Our excitement at J&M stems from Tracie’s success and her relationship with J&M President and Founder, Jen Dodge. Having collaborated on numerous projects in the past, Jen knows how Tracie will exemplify the Vision & Values in and out of the office. “I met Tracie on a project a few years ago and it didn’t take long to realize that our engagement wasn’t just a reason or a season,” Jen stated. “As hockey moms, we have a unique connection. We treat our projects just like our children’s hockey games: no excuses, work like a team, and no “I can’t.” When upper management asked me if she was in the right role or could handle a transformation, I explained without hesitation that she could be placed anywhere and will succeed. The most important thing to Tracie is the success of everyone else around her.”

Tracie Hephner

Briceon Mundt

Briceon brings enthusiasm to his work every day and shares his positive attitude with everyone that crosses his path.  His dedication and passion for being a leader make him the perfect fit for J&M’s Vision & Values.  In fact, it was the Vision & Values that enticed Briceon to become a part of the team:

“When talking with Mike and Jen about J&M, I was completely sold the second I saw the company's vision and values.  Many companies talk a great talk, but hardly follow through on their vision.  Jen and Mike not only built a company around balance, excellence, and being an all-around good person, but they exude what they preach in everything that they do.  That difference is what puts J&M above the rest."  -Briceon Mundt

Briceon’s unrivaled commitment to excellence allows him to stand out among his peers.  Strategic Consultant Tracie Hephner has also worked with Briceon in the past.  When asked about him, she chimed in, “Briceon is an incredible asset to any team.  His dedication to each task regardless of the assignment is detailed, thorough, and efficient.”

As J&M continues to grow, we want to place the right people in the right places to be successful.  We are delighted to welcome Briceon to the team as we believe he is in a position that will benefit himself as well as everyone he encounters.  His personality and professional ability make him an ideal representative of J&M Strategic Consulting.  We are blessed to have him on our team and are excited for the remarkable things to come.

Tracie Hephner

Scott Schramm

Scott is the Wellness Coordinator at J&M Strategic Consulting.  In his role, Scott organizes at-home and remote workout programs and helps create relevant web content to support J&M’s Vision and Values.  Scott began his career as a personal trainer in February 2016 when he joined a local gym in nearby Monroeville, PA.  He quickly amassed several clients and greatly sharpened his training skills. In October 2016, Scott branched out with his own company, SchrammerTime Fitness.  He acquired Jen and Mike Dodge as training clients in January 2017, and joined J&M in May 2017, as they were impressed by his work ethic and passion that led to extraordinary results.

Vice President Mike Dodge says of Scott, “it didn’t take long to realize Scott would be a good fit with our culture and that he had something to offer our team.”  Scott understands the balance between work and life.  He provides our team with the motivation to accomplish all goals.  His philosophy of teaching independence resonates throughout J&M and allows our team to be themselves on their way to excellence.

“Scott is more than a trainer,” declared Jen Dodge. “He’s a partner in crime, fighting battles that most humans must fight.  He helps you find motivation to take care of yourself while working a lot of hours and turn towards a lower carb choice vs. what you’d rather have, i.e. PIZZA!  He doesn’t just show up, train us, then leave.  He makes the time to touch base during the day to keep us accountable when he’s not in the room.”

Outside of J&M, Scott enjoys weightlifting, watching movies, and cooking.  He frequently tries new recipes that pair well with his workout plans.

Tracie Hephner

Joseph Nabity

Joseph graduated from the University of Nebraska at Omaha in 2014 and immediately gained experience in IT. He followed up an internship with stints in systems analysis, business analysis, and data analysis and modeling. He was as a key part of IT system support for HR and benefits. His commitment to exceeding expectations and doing his part to make an entire team better make him a desirable professional and an inspirational individual.

According to Mike Dodge, “It took less than three minutes to realize that Joseph is J&M material. Along with his professional accomplishments, he embodies our vision and values. That combination makes Joseph an incredible member of our team.”

The relationships Joseph has formed have driven his professional path to J&M and will continue to open roads towards success along his journey. For the past three years, he has worked with Briceon Mundt, who has seen his shining stardom first hand. “Joe exudes commitment and excellence with every assignment he receives. It doesn’t matter if he is handed the most daunting or menial of tasks, he will give his full attention and effort, and complete the job on time with the highest quality. The most remarkable thing about Joe is his undeniable ability to walk into a room, and inspire the least cooperative of teams to realize that they either succeed together, or fail apart.”

Outside of work, Joe enjoys portraying his musical background as a pianist and vocalist. He is intrigued by the theatre and can be seen attending the local play or musical.

Tracie Hephner

Kathleen Conklin

Kat carries over 10 years of experience in IT along with an outstanding track record of exceeding customer expectations. With stints in construction, recruiting, and vendor supplying, she knows exactly how to create and maintain strategies in order to achieve goals of the business.

Kat is committed to excellence and is capable of adjusting to any obstacles that may appear on her path to success. Her team-first mentality and superior people skills make her easy to work with. She has worked with developing and deploying software in the past and has formed teams to keep these projects on track. Kat’s match with J&M’s Vision & Values is staggering, as shown by her ability to lead a team and migrate information from one source to another through the work of multiple people.

Kat has worked with Jen Dodge in the past on countless projects, and it didn’t take long for Jen to see her value. “My first real interaction with Kat was actually conflict. We were on a project together that needed some issue resolution. Kat and I talked after a very heated call, and we ended up fighting over who was just going to take the blame so we could move forward! Mind you, neither one of us had pushed the buttons on the keyboard to cause the issue…but we both were going to take one for the team knowing that is what was best for the project. It was then I knew that everyone else around Kat is what was most important to her.”

Outside of the office, Kat likes to spend time at social gatherings with her family and friends. She enjoys traveling and trying new foods in the kitchen. On a nice summer day, you may find her getting some swings in on the golf course.